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Initiation of the Phoenix

Part 3

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A 13 Month Sacred Journey for full embodiment, healing, sovereignty, remembrance, & liberation.

Forest Path

We are embarking on the Organic Ascension Path as we make our way through the Eternal Tree of Life; The Spiritual Ladder as it were. There is a blueprint and this has now been restored. Ascension is made possible once more! If you came here to fulfill your sacred mission for all of humanity, for our beloved planet, our home; If you came here to embody all that you are, we shall make our way through each Sphere, Stargate, and Constellation, to fully ascend into all that we are. Supported through 2 HieroGamic Unions, let’s do this together!

Four Sacred Keys

Sacred Sciences.jpg

Sacred Sciences & Alchemical Magic

Galactic Zodiac.jpg

Galactic Zodiac (Astrology)

Eternal Tree of Life.jpg

Eternal Tree of Life Spheres & Stargates


Avatar Embodiment Training

A big key element to this journey is Sovereignty!

We will be going in depth into the realm of Sovereignty. It's time to reclaim your life!

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Trinity Phoenix Logo.png

We will be incorporating a full spectrum approach to encompass all aspects of the body:







This isn't just a course, this is a Divine Mission

Our Mission

Our primary intention is Unification - The Cosmic Christ Principle - Freedom, Liberation, Divine Unconditional Love, and Sovereignty for all of our family as an energetic reality here & now.

We have come here at this time to assist you, all of our family, and our beloved planet during this Ascension Cycle. We are here as your divine reflection, so that you can remember who you really are and have always been. To help you to be able to step into your True and Authentic Self, to finally be free and develop into your Eternal God Self fully embodied.


Together we will rise and transcend. Together we will heal, learn, release, restore & reclaim. As we rise, we then can deepen our purpose for what we came here to offer. Each of us is an integral key to the all! Your key is needed! It is time for New Earth to unfold in action. This is how we do it, by coming together.

If you are here for this same mission.

Join Us!

It is time we bring our keys together.

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What is the Initiation of the Phoenix

Part 3?

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Over the last few years, we began a journey and a set of missions unfolded. This is what brought us into what we received is The Initiation of the Phoenix. It is a rite of passage. It is a doorway to a journey that for those of you who are ready to dedicate yourself to fully remember all that you are, to ascend & transcend, to truly be free in every way, unlock & develop your abilities, to be sovereign, and to embody all that you are, will then be given the keys to get yourself there. This is a path of great initiation yes, for we know that if one wants any of these things you must go through initiations to catalyze your growth. You will have challenges. Each challenge presenting itself in your life to give you exactly what you need to get to the next level of embodiment. This very much is a part of what we did before. The apostles, the avatars, those who ascended & transcended this plane, we do this through initiations. It is training in action to develop oneself into full embodiment.


And the Phoenix, well, We Are the Phoenix. We die and then we are reborn anew. We are to dissolve into the embers of the sacred fire and rise through the ashes as the eternal flame fully restored. Many deaths & rebirths we shall experience as we progress through each layer and facet of our being transforming. So the Phoenix resembles us in every way as we rise together.


As more began to unfold for us with the Initiation of the Phoenix, there were multiple components that presented themselves. We quickly realized that what we were being shown was all of the keys that are required for total ascension and full embodiment. This is about preparing our physical bodies to house as much of our eternal God Spirit essence within our physical vessel. To continue to do so is to ascend. When we say ascension we are actually transfiguring our physical bodies from where we are now as carbon based finite living lifeforms to silicate based infinite eternal lifeforms. Ascension is an expansion, it is an awakening, it is the process of shifting and further expanding from one level or frequency of consciousness into another echelon/frequency of that same consciousness. So you aren't "going anywhere" rather " you are becoming" and as you realize more and more, as you remember more and more, reconnect the pieces, as you bring more of your christed essence in, as you release & drop density, release the lower vibratory things from your body, you continue to shift and expand into deeper layers of yourself, of creation itself. It is all one consciousness. So as we continue to embody in the body more and more of ourselves, the vibration increases, we become lighter, and we expand from this 3D level of density into each sphere and dimensional layer, until all are fully embodied. This is what we mean by embodiment; you are embodying your entire God Self fully as your entire body you operate from here & now. This is Ascension. We are all working on this in some way shape or form.


With how many pieces there were to this, we decided to then put The Initiation of the Phoenix into 3 parts. It was clear that in order to even be able to go through the Organic Ascension Path again, the templates that were damaged, manipulated, assimilated, etc. had to first be reclaimed and restored. This was a result of the war that we have been in over this last Aeon when the Guardians fell and the service to self factions came into control. This has been a group effort. A lot of the work, many teams across the planet and throughout this Universal Galactic System have been working on. Reclaiming and repairing our home, our system, our lineages, our family. So we very much have been a part of this mission too.


Part 1 started with the Galactic Zodiac because we first had to go through the entire solar yearly cycle in order to restore its template, to restore the zodiac constellations which were originally designed to function as the blueprint for ascension. To restore the organic ascension guide map template that could be accessed once more for all of our family to come back into alignment to this sacred path. We then progressed into Part 2 which was to focus on the DNA & Root Race aspect. Restoring the DNA Template to initiate the restoration process for our DNA, lineages & lines. Now we are preparing to move into the third and final piece to this sacred journey: Initiation of the Phoenix Part 3.


This is the accumulation of all of the service work we have been doing here. All that we have restored, reclaimed, built and established. This journey is a year long path where together we will be implementing each of the Four Sacred Keys that make up this entire course: The Sacred Sciences & Alchemical Magic, The Galactic Zodiac, The Eternal Tree of Life (Spheres & Stargates), and Avatar Embodiment Training. There will be much that we will learn together. It is time to bring all of the pieces that are required to actually become God Avatar Embodied into ONE. This is what this course is.


We will be initiating our journey through the Galactic Zodiac which will set our stage for the entire year. 14 Stages total. As we move through each stage we will then be working on each corresponding Sphere, Chakra, and Stargate. From beginning to end this entire course holds the templates for Ascension. It took a lot of work to get to this point, and we couldn't have done this without all of our family involved in this mission of missions to restore these parts of creation. The Organic Ascension Path is finally made possible again which is why this course is called exactly that. This is what we bring to you now. This is our offering. It is time to come back into alignment to these organic templates, to be free through all aspects of ourselves, to remember, to release & clear all of the entanglements & distortions, and embody all that you are. 


Remember. This is not just a course, this is a divine mission. This is a level of service for yourself and for all of our family. As within so throughout. So your dedication and commitment is required. You will only get as much out of it as you put in! 

It is an honor to bring this to you at this time beloved. We are so grateful to finally get to this point. The templates have been restored. Now is the time. What wasn't even accessible before is now back online.

So let's do this!

Hieros Gamos.jpg

Our Intentions

  • Avatar Embodiment Sequencing to embody higher consciousness God Self & prepare the body for full transfiguration

  • Focus on all bodies - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Etheric/Astral, Light Bodies

  • Clear & Remove all entanglements, attachments, distortions, implants, anything that limits the consciousness

  • Release all trapped emotions, densities, blockages & debris, shadow work, painbody work, trauma release work & healing repair work - Self Love

  • Reclaim all parts/aspects of self, divine power, liberate through all layers of self to establish Freedom throughout all

  • Remember - I remember who I am ,  Remembrance of all

  • Unlock Abundance, Gifts, Memories

  • Calibrate DNA & Lightbody to Organic Base 12 Sphere Template to restore eternal life function to body

  • Sovereignty , Learn to embody what Sovereignty actually is through all aspects of creation including the physical realm

  • Restore Sacred Sciences of Creation - learn true alchemy and magic 

  • Sacred Practices for each body system to develop, strengthen & heal self

  • Organic Eternal Life Ascension Sciences


What You Will Get

14 Stages through the "Organic Ascension Path"

This Includes:

  • 14 Live Group Calls via Zoom for each Stage & corresponding Galactic Zodiac Transmission + Replay

  • 14 Live Group Calls via Zoom for each Sphere, Chakra & Stargate + Replay

  • 14 Pre-Recorded Sessions from previous Galactic Zodiac Cycle - Complete Zodiac Template & full body clearing, repair & restoration process

  • All Course Materials from previous year & this year

  • Ascension Live Group Classes via Zoom per Stage/Month + Replay

          - Creational Sacred Sciences

          - Alchemy & Magic

          - Avatar Embodiment Training

          - Sovereignty

          - Ascension Mechanics

          - Body Practices & Applicable Tools, Tips, etc.

          - So much more...

  • Bonuses throughout the year

          - Bonus content & material

          - Meditations

          - Practices for Union Development (Single & for Couples)

          - Physical Body Practices & Disciplines

          - Diet Tips, Tools, etc.

          - Daily Practices & Tools

          - Breathwork Practices

  • Opportunities for those of you who are fully dedicated to ascending into full embodiment and want to take things to the next level

  • Lifetime Access to all Course Material!


Embarking on this journey with us will ignite the path of truth within you. To discover for yourself. It will give you the opportunity to unlock your keys and step into your role as you remember why you came here at this time. Through each stage of this process, we will be going through every facet, every layer of our consciousness. This is the path for full embodiment! This is the greatest adventure of all lifetimes! 


We know there may be a lot of excitement mixed with some concerns and doubt.


Please, first and foremost, always trust your heart. Pray to our beloved Holy Mother & Father to guide you and your highest self into gnosis of what is right for you at this time. Really tune in.


We are calling to those of you who are here to be of service to all, who are ready to be the wayshowers, the doers, the ones who are ready to truly step into your greatest level of embodiment, holding your sovereign pillars, and ready to rise!


It is with great joy, honor, & reverence to share our heart-medicine with you beloved. If your heart says YES, let us know!


We look forward to taking this journey with you.

We are doing something exciting this year!

We are teaming up with our beloved sister Veronica Ruiz of "Sacred Divine Goddess" to offer you the opportunity to join us as we hold sacred ceremonial retreats at each of the Stargate locations throughout the year that are calling us for this round. This means that not only will we be working on the Spheres and Stargates on our Live Calls, but we will be doing the work directly at the actual Stargate Sites! And you can come join us and be a part of it too!


Our first destination will be Sedona, Arizona! This is the 1D Stargate & Root Chakra of our beloved planet. Once we begin this sacred journey together through The Organic Ascension Path, we will be starting our journey at the Root, at the zero point. We will be starting in Stage 1, held through the House of Aries. How amazing that we get to not only do this work with you, but now we get to do it directly at the actual 1D Stargate! 

This is the initiation into the Organic Ascension Process and Sacred Journey for the Divine Restoration of all of the Spheres, Angelic Humanity Tribes & Dimensional Levels that make up the entire Tree of Life that make up all that we are. Each Level that makes up the Tree of Life is our roadmap for Ascension. This is the Divine Perfection Blueprint in which we embark on to Initiate into the Sacred Journey of Ascension. As we move into the first stage, this is the stage of Alchemical Purification.
So along with our live calls for the first month of this course, we will be holding sacred ceremony in Sedona. This will go hand in hand with the 1st Stage and everything we will be focusing on.

If you feel called, if you would like to deepen this journey for yourself, if you would like to be more of service for all of creation, we would love to have you join us!


Sedona Retreat.jpeg


“Thank you Ryan and Reza for giving me the opportunity to embark on such an amazing journey with you through the “Initiation of the Phoenix: Galactic Zodiac Ascension Path." I cannot even begin to express the deep gratitude and appreciation I have for you both. To be honest, this has and continues to be the most challenging soul work I have ever done. On that same breath, it’s pretty amazing to look back on my personal growth and transformation since last spring. Wow! Chills!!! I am just so happy that I trusted my heart and listened to my soul’s calling to join you regardless of having all sorts of doubts and fears of not knowing what to expect from this work. Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you both from the core of my heart for all that you have done and continue to do for me, for this group and for humanity! You are both such special souls! You’ve just somehow have been able to unlock so much within me. Your gentle guidance has helped me transform and grow in ways that I could have never imagined possible. It also has helped to be part of a beautiful and sacred group container (which I now call family) that has given me a safe space to express, release and let go of some of my deepest fears; that has provided me with support, encouragement and feedback that kept me moving forward, and that has unlocked a deep desire within me to dibble and dabble into the “fantastical world” of magic and alchemy. It is actually no surprise that I felt myself drawn to you as you possess the same integrity, love, passion and dedication to this sacred work as Richard Melchizedek and Jessica Rosalie do. I strongly feel that having worked so closely with them for the past year, has allowed me and prepared me to naturally transition into this type of soul work. As I write this, my heart is overflowing of joy and happiness to have finally met my soul tribe. Know that your guidance and light continue to make my journey easier as I know I am not alone! For all those who are hesitant or sitting on the fence about doing some deep soul work, know that Ryan and Reza’s work is beyond anything you could imagine. I have learned from working with them that it does not matter where you are on the spiritual path. All that matters is that you have a burning desire to do the inner work. And is hard and messy!!!! By joining a soul tribe like theirs, it makes it more powerful and rewarding knowing that there is a beautiful and sacred container of spiritually mature souls (holding space with non-judgement) who are ready to support you on whatever may arise during the process/your journey. A big heartfelt THANK YOU to you both Ryan and Reza for all that you are and all that you do. I love you so much!”

~ Chantal St-Denis, Initiate of the Krystic Path

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