Avatar Embodiment Training

In Avatar Embodiment Training, this is where we bring all body systems into full harmony & alignment; Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Lightbody, and Astral/Etheric. 


Our physical vessel is our sacred temple, and this holds three main operating systems: the mind, the heart, and the gut/womb. As we prepare for the first wave of Embodiment, and move through the sequential stages of transformation, it's time for us to be able to learn how to take care of our bodies and mind(s) in order to prepare our templates to support the embodiment and housing of our higher spiritual consciousness into physical form.


Avatar embodiment requires much more than just energetic work and re-templating. If your body is at peak performance levels, but you have yet to restore the original eternal life codex within, you will plateau at a level of spiritual embodiment, unable to progress much farther into the higher avatar embodiment stage. Equally so, if you do all of the energetic work and fail to bring your other bodies into their highest state of optimization, you will be unable to safely complete the full body transfiguration process. The keys to the physical body and spiritual body go hand in hand, and it's time to alchemize all together in divine union.


In order to bring all body systems into a harmonious state of peace and optimal health, while equally supporting the highest levels of integration from our training and energetic re-templating, we will be focusing on multiple techniques and practices, some of which are shared below:


- Through this process we will be focusing on specific breathing techniques to stabilize all horizontal, vertical, and diagonal channels of our lightbody directly through zero point. Working with our energy flows and learning how to become one with the breath to become one with all that is. There is much wisdom held within the breath that we will be diving into.


- We will undergo a series of fasts and body detoxification processes to drop density and allow our higher spiritual consciousness to be embodied in physical form.


- There will be recommended treatments to radically increase our ability to utilize and assimilate all hydration and nutrients brought into our sacred vessel.


- We will give direct physical techniques, body work and practices meant to release trapped debris from inside the body, to release trauma, blockages, pain etc. We must get it out of the body or the patterns recorded inside will keep repeating no matter how many times you energetically clear it.

- There will be specific daily practices we will implement that are required for embodiment as they will help us optimize and strengthen our bodies to be able to properly support higher frequency states of being.


- We will be recommending sacred medicines, tools, and supplements to support all layers of physical & energetic clearing, healing, and integration, while being able to provide discounts for many of these things to those of you who join us on this journey.


- We will be working with specific parasite cleanse protocols to fully clear out all forms of inorganic consciousness that drain our energy, cloud our mind, generate addictions and bombard us with foreign mind-control frequencies working to keep us trapped in lower density frequency bands.


- Through movement, nutrition, breath, detoxification, fasting and deep hydration we will fully calibrate and optimize all body systems into their highest functioning form, to fully allow our true God-I AM Essence to be embodied fully at this density-dimensional level.


This is the foundation that allows us to grow into higher dimensional embodiment, fully anchored here and now in this current station of identity.


This will be a full training & preparation to support the highest level of integration from all energetic re-templating/work, genetic calibrations, and deep multidimensional alignments in order to fully resurrect and house the eternal life spirit within our sacred temple vessels, and restore our diamond krystal bodies. As we ascend, we are physically transfiguring our bodies. It is vitally important to supplement this process with the tools and practices that will help us get there.


If you are devoted to reaching full embodiment of all that you are, to achieving optimal health, vitality, and being,


Join us. The time is now!