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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who is the Teacher of this Course?

Many times when we look for a new course or a new program, we are looking for a new teacher, a new guru, or something we can follow. The time for following others or blindly following anything is over. It is time to start cultivating your own gnosis for yourself and we do this by innerstanding that we are equally the student and the teacher at the same time. And, asking questions and discerning to discover that truth for yourself as each of us exchange with one another. We don't ever want you to do something just because we tell you, we want you to test things out and discover for yourself what works! So don't just follow what we say, rather listen to what we share and give you and then discern through your own process, ask questions, explore and cultivate your own gnosis so that you can truly embody that truth that you now have cultivated through your own experience. This is how we can best innerstand something, because otherwise if we are just taking things from others without really experiencing that for ourselves, we won't ever fully innerstand that and then it just stays as knowledge rather than wisdom. And when we don't fully know something and really innerstand it, this can also open us up to consciousness traps and leave us susceptible to manipulation. Actual cultivated gnosis/truth cannot be debated, manipulated or taken away from you. This will be something we will deepen into throughout this course so we can take what we learn and transfigure that into what we know. 


So in this course, even though we as Kryst Raia Ryan will be holding the container, facilitating this journey and assisting you through this process, we are all equally going to be learning and growing from each other. It is the greatest representation of embodied Unity Consciousness, demonstrating actual Unity in how we come together, honoring each other as equals, uniting as One Family. Remember that each brother and sister present in the circle is an integral facet to the all; that you hold a key that is just as important as the keys we hold. When we work together in this way, we can truly accomplish something we've all waited for for many many lifetimes because now we are truly there for one another bringing forth all of our keys, gifts & medicine to assist each other in our growth. Our Ascension Adventures & Genetic Restoration Protocols will definitely open you up into the deepest levels of expansion into your cosmic & celestial nature.

During our Sessions/Group Calls, each and every one of you will have an equal part within this, whether it's audibly recorded or not. For those who are newer to this work, we will ask for you to just receive and practice the breathing techniques that we will give you to help anchor and transduce the greatest love-joy-peace-unity field possible, and build the frequency within our container. For those of you who serve on our councils or teams, or have spoken with us prior to the session, we will allow to come on to record specific codes and sequences as guided. Know that whether or not you hear or see someone on the screen, every individual will be actively playing a role that contributes to the entirety of the miracles that are to occur at this time. As we progress through this, for those who reach deep levels of embodiment and want to share any forms of mentorship, guidance, offerings, wisdom, or activations, reach out to us! We will help coordinate this so we can figure out the best ways to introduce them into our group container, giving you the opportunity to further cultivate and share your unique medicine as it grows in purity and potency throughout the course of this journey.

How Do The Live Sessions Work?

All of our sessions will be via Zoom Live Video Calls. We will send an email out before each upcoming session with the link and information for the call. To prepare for each call be sure to get plenty of rest. Before jumping on the call be sure to have a glass of water with you and find a place where you can sit or lay down comfortably. If you want you can even consecrate your space with some sage or palo santo. Then when you get on the call, we will have you muted. Usually we talk in the beginning of our sessions so depending on what is being shared, we may have you share too, otherwise we ask for you to keep yourself muted throughout the call to prevent feedback/sound interference. There may be times we ask for some of you in the container to bring forth codes at which point you can unmute yourself.

All calls will be recorded and then uploaded to a Google Drive Folder that will then be shared with you so you can rewatch the sessions/replays. The Drive Folder will also have any other course work, tools, documents etc. that we will have throughout the course.

In order to make this an energetic reality for us all, we as Kryst Raia Ryan stand as one unified HieroGamic Pillar and hold the Alchemical Architecture known as Solar Union Ascension. We will be the vessels transducing the templates and instruction sets in from our Krysted High Councils and direct communication links with the Solar Logos GodHead Trinity Heart Intelligence.

Due to the scope and the templates being brought forth over the last few years, we have combined our HieroGamic Rod & Staff as Kryst Raia Ryan together with the HieroGamic Rod & Staff of Richard & Rosalie Melchizedek. Together we form a quad rod and staff formation, embodying 4 as the universal prototype to further transduce and downstep the sacred Solar Kryst Masculine & Solar Kryst Feminine Resurrection frequencies necessary for this level of re-templating and activation to occur.

So once you enter the space and group field know that you will be fully supported and at the same time be sure to prepare for them as the frequencies do vibrate at a much higher rate than your normal day to day environment. We will be giving further preparation advise in our emails as well to give you everything to get the most out of this experience!

Do I have to be on the Live Call?

Is the Container Safe?

Our Spaces are always judgement free zones, so leave your judgements at the door. We want you to feel fully welcome in being all that you are, your authentic expression. If for some reason at any time you as an initiate becomes violent, aggressive, demeaning or threatening to us or any member of our Phoenix Tribe, you will be asked to leave the container until the necessary clearing and healing can occur. Our container is a sacred space. We uphold the highest respect for everyone present and expect all to uphold the same level of respect for our family and the space.


Now let's talk about our Solar Union Ascension container & temple. It is a physically built, energetic, & multidimensionally built architecture. It has taken years to build and establish, fortify and bring fully online. The site holding the physical anchor point of this, on this planet, was prepared a millennia ago by the indigenous throughout the Americas, as this was consecrated as sacred and called "The City of the Children of the Sun".

This architecture forms as a trinity to a 3D Mother Arc Gateway, 15D Father Arc Solar Dragon King Gateway, and a Trinitized HierosGamos Gateway that is located in a place we refer to as "The Grail Key Hole". It is then further bridged to very sacred HieroGamic architecture being generated through the Krysted Solar King Arthur Consciousness. From here this trinitized system bridges into ancient builder race networks and 70 million year old temples. It then extends into other ancient networks and HieroGamic sites to begin reclamation and access into old pre-fall networks and records. Our Solar Union Ascension Temple is designed for the rehabilitation and reclamation of all of our family and acts as an override pillar gateway system to assist in the transfiguration process for our beloved Planet, all Stargates & networks, all human angelic tribes and all of our family who are serving the sacred Law of One aligned to the eternal life template of organic source creation.

Our architecture holds immense levels of shielding, armor, and advanced forms of Guardian & Krystic God World technology to assist with all levels of clearing, transiting, arc portal passage, activation and more. Our container holds direct schematics & restored templates of the Platonic Solids, Creational Geometries, and Geomantic templates necessary to resurrect our bodies through the newly reconfigured dark matter template. Our container is fully aligned to the true galactic Solar placements and the transmissions broadcasted from them, as this too is necessary to make impacts at the levels we are sanctioned to. It is connected to the entire Templar Stargate System of the planetary and universal bodies and SunStar Network giving us access to be able to do massive level gridwork and repair work for our family. Know that we had to develop our own selves to be able to hold this as well.

The final piece we feel called to share is in regards to the Failsafe Architecture. As this was anchored in to the time matrices in real time a few years ago, but has manifested now throughout all layers. Prior to this, the level of inversions, reversals, and dark magic being unconsciously generated by our awakening family, and those doing grid work or at sacred sites would have completely collapsed the templar. Due to the planetary infection, there are very few that held the gnosis and the purity to be able to access these sacred sites without hurting themselves or causing damage to the grid systems. In such, a piece of architecture was established and uploaded into the master codex of this universal system. This stopped all further reversals and inversions from being able to occur as it re-encoded the templar system to only give access to those with the intention and alignment to the law of love and the sacred law of unified one. Access is no longer through our genetic code, you have to be aligned heart, soul, mind, body & spirit to the Law of Love and the true Law of One (when we say true we define the original law, not the distorted version of this). Because we became so fragmented, entangled and our true languages forgotten, very few people had complete organic coding. So the Failsafe technology was developed so that anyone who is truly in their heart with intentions for the highest good of all would be given access to bring their codes into these sacred locations and anything distorted, inverted, fallen or harmful that is out of alignment to the sacred law of one is then completely cleared and corrected. The codes in their organic purity then remain in an active stasis within the field until someone else comes in. Eventually, as enough is stored it can begin to complete the sequence and as soon as a completed sequence is alchemized, it is then uploaded and released throughout all of the collective and universal construct. We can explain much more about the failsafe, but know that this is how we are able to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our work with larger groups of our family.

We have taken ample time to make sure our Temple is a safe, clean, pure and protected space so thank you for reading about all of the work that really has gone into this and that of which we continue to uphold. May it bring you comfort and deeper clarity to any concerns that may arise for you.

Are there any requirements to join?

First and foremost we ask that you come with a loving heart space and open mind, ready to receive and grow! As long as you are in full devotion to becoming your greatest self, to trying your best, and come back to your heart to operate in a loving supportive manner, you will soar through this.

For this particular journey, we are requiring a few things to be upheld before joining:

- At least a foundational level of emotional & spiritual maturity. Meaning you can responsibly take care of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions (verbal etc.).

- At least a basic level of Sovereignty and self maintenance. We will be diving into deep aspects and layers of our consciousness. It is important that you at least are able to hold and maintain your own field.

- Curiosity, the willingness to release that which no longer serves you, and the willingness to apply yourself as much as possible to this process.

If you feel you can meet these things, then you have everything you need to join!

What To Expect?

Beloved throw out all expectations!

- You will be fully supported by our family throughout this process.

- You will receive wisdom and knowledge about what's occurring that's not being shared anywhere else.

- You will receive assistance to accelerate your ascension unlike ever before.

Chances are what's going to occur is nothing you imagined, yet everything your soul has been looking for. This course will begin to activate you into deeper levels of expansion and gnosis then ever before. There may be immense levels of healing & wound/pain/trauma healing. You may go though waves of immense joy and immense sadness. Many pieces of yourself may begin to come online. New abilities such as light language, healing abilities, celestial sight and more may begin to emerge. Your immune system, cognitive processing, IQ and more may begin to increase. Problem solving skills and neuroplasticity development. Higher frequency/soul friendships, partnerships & relationships can be brought forth. Massive upgrades in creativity and artistic expressions can activate. Visitation from extraterrestrial & celestial family can occur. This is a direct physical body transfiguration process into Eternal Life Diamond Sun Silicate Matrice Templating. You may at times experience immense heat and/or sweating as the dark matter template ignites, or even cold waves as plasma comes through. These are just some of the things experienced by those who have worked with us in the past. Ascension Symptoms are common. What may be ready to happen now for you will only be made known when we get there. Are you ready to find out what blessings, healings, and activations are in store for you at this time?

What Families & Teams will be assisting us?

Our Original family who has been part of this project since its core creation is our God Creational Council of 1, known as the Krysted High Council of 14. These are also the original Maji Grail Kings & Queens, and the guardians of the Rod-Staff for each Sphere of the Tree of Life. These are the original guardians of the Templar; they are the original family lines for each of the angelic tribes; these are the true Royal Houses...and everyone is coming home. Everything is ready to be restored.

Furthermore, sanctioned through God & The Holy Father Principle to resurrect the Divine Feminine and Hieros-Gamos, many Guardian Race teams in service to the Sacred Law of Love/One are here with us now.

Here are some of the following families who are here to assist, only those of which who are aligned:

Emerald Blue Ray Order, Amethyst Ray Order, Gold Ray Order

Solar, Amethyst Order, & Krystal Dragon & Phoenix Lineages, Kings & Queens
Solar Rishi (7 Suns & 7 Daughters)
Diamond Elohei-Elohim
Restored Yana Collective, Eiyanis, Ramyanas

Cathars & Christos Orders
White Lion & Sphinx (Feline Families & Lineages)

Elemental Ethereal Lineages
Royal Avian Lineages

Royal Aquatic Lineages
Lyran Elders
Lyran-Sirian High Council
Melchizedek & Maji
RA Confederacy
Azurites & Cosmic Whales
Aquaelle, Aqualasha & Aurora Family

Arcturian Family

Andromedan Family
Egyptian-Seres Master Builder Race Collective
Paradisian Suns
144 Krystic Consolate
144,000 Krystic Higher Self Genetic Time-Keeper Matrix Inter-Dimensional Council of Free Worlds


And many other beautiful families, lineages, ancestors and beings who support us as well.

Without them and all the continued support from our teams on and off planet, none of this would be possible today.

Once I Begin, Can I Leave The Container?

Beloved, this is an initiation. We are confident in our gnosis that if you have found us at this time, you are more than capable to take this step in your personal growth. However, you ALWAYS have the choice to leave if you would like to. Just maybe take some time to sit with whatever comes up for you to really innerstand why you may want to leave. An initiation means there will be challenges that arise. This is for you to grow! So remember that before you make your decision to step away, you very much could be stepping away from something that is for your highest growth as uncomfortable as it may be at the time. 


In order for us to hold integrity to the initiation and to the work provided, all payments received will be non-refundable. You will however be welcome to receive the future session recordings you paid for if you feel called to complete the process in your own time. IF, for some reason, something super crazy happens that has put you in a dangerous or unhealthy situation, and whatever you had invested is crucial for you at that time, we will make sure to support you. Please know this is still at our discretion as we always align to the highest guidance & solution for all.

We want to set the intention to have as many of us on the Live Calls as much as possible; this is when we can make even bigger impacts! Now that being expressed, know that if you are not able to make it on one of the Live Calls, it is okay. We will have all sessions recorded and you will have access to the replays.

We do want to encourage you to try your absolute best to make it on for the calls live. So please unless you have something that is not possible to change around, know that this is for your highest benefit! Know that regardless, all of our work is done outside of time which makes our sessions accessible at anytime and won't take away from the potency or impact it'll make for you as well as any pieces that you will be bringing in to add to the session energetic field. All will fully receive.

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