Galactic Zodiac (Astrology)

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What is the Galactic Zodiac?


This is the true actual cycle of the Sun. The Solar Cycle aligned to the original design of organic source creation. This is what holds the guide map to assist our body through a yearly cycle in undergoing the deep levels of consciousness transfiguration required to embody our higher Avatar God Self, to Ascend through the spiritual ladder as it were.

It is important for us to know that there is a core creational design and structure that our universal system operates from. That everything operates from micro to macro, macro to micro. Cycles that take place to weave and co-create a space for our consciousness to exist. Our system operates in cycles within cycles and there is a design to them. So when we talk about a year, or anything in relation to time, we refer to the original time cycles that govern the foundational mechanics of all that is, of organic source creation. We are not talking about other calendars or cycles created by Humanity or any other race.

The Galactic Zodiac is a Galactic Solar Cycle, it is an original cycle of organic source creation that we are assisting in returning back here, for this is something that was strategically erased from our memory to prevent us from being able to fully embody all that we truly are. So keep this in mind as we express more into this.


In accordance with god's natural laws, we follow the authentic placement of the sun as it travels through each zodiac house during its natural cycle. Many people actually believe that they are working with this same cycle as they work with astrology, yet this is one of many distortions that have been blindly accepted and adopted by the majority of our family; it is important to begin to learn the difference between the original template & its purpose and the distortions that have inverted that template & innerstanding.


During this process, we work with the true Astrological Sacred Sciences, the journey of the sun, and the associated alchemical transmissions for organic ascension that are held within all 13 Zodiac signs.... not just 12.

Restoring this cycle for our universal system and all angelic tribes has been a key component to our work over the years. When the actual 9th House: Ophiuchus was removed, this locked us into a finite system. This is the key that grants us access into the Golden Gateway of the Gods and is our exit point from this system, so removing this essentially kept us locked in and looping on the silver gateway, also known as the path of man.


It is only through a series of initiations, and alignments to god's natural laws that our personal journey on the Silver Gateway Path of Man, can finally align into the Golden Gateway of the Gods, allowing us to progress forward into higher evolutionary potentials as an eternal life being. No longer stuck in the finite which all of humanity has been in for at least the last Aeon.


When we speak of our birthdays being the "Solar Return", this is meant to depict the Sun completing a one year cycle, and returning home to the true house it was stationed when you were born, initiating a new cycle of growth and transformation to begin.


As a part of the war over consciousness, we had service to self factions who decided to strategically invert the templates and create a Solar inversion, utilizing the placement of the moon to depict where the sun was at and removing the 13th Zodiac House.


Instead of utilizing the sacred sciences to see where the sun is actually located, it was decided to just look at the moon, and say the sun is in the opposite house. 


If this is new for you, simply look at or any authentic satellite depiction to see where the sun is actually located at this time.


This was the first stage of locking us into a further stage of de-evolution, generating many unnatural alignments and distortions in our original eternal life template. This perpetuates unnecessary lessons, karmic cycles, karmic superimposition, relationship problems, disease imprinting, misery loops, and separation from the true organic codex we chose when incarnating into this system.


In fact, the moon is an artificial satellite that was brought in to stabilize and support our planet during the stages of sequential fall. It has been installed into the core of our planet, which is why it never rotates (hence the continuous dark side of the moon), and only depicts the placement of our planet and moon during the natural cycles earth makes. It does not generate its own light, rather it reflects it and the function of the moon is actually disconnected from source, so it can only reflect or take hence why many service to self factions have utilized the moon as a massive harvesting system. This doesn't make the moon in itself bad, but when aligning to something that is inorganic, simply takes us farther away from coming home to our true self and all that we authentically are.


The sun however, is a living organic sentient body that provides life and solar codes to all stellar bodies within our system. It is directly connected to zero point which gives us access to god source, infinite life force energy. Its trajectory is vast, and encompasses all planets and constellations within our universal time matrix. As it travels through each of the 13 houses, it alchemizes with the associated constellation and natural law to transmit these frequencies to all consciousness, allowing the alchemical transmissions and organic ascension cycle to take place naturally.


Mankind was never meant to be locked into a lower 3D density. When we incarnated into this system we were meant to have all forms of support to gain self-mastery and evolve into and through the higher spheres and higher consciousness frequency bands.


From birth to age 11, we are meant to embody our Personality Matrix as a Sovereign Being through spheres 1-2-3.


From age 11-22, we are meant to embody our Soul Matrix, spheres 4-5-6.


From age 22-33, we are meant to embody our OverSoul Matrix which is our Monadic Matrix that resides in spheres



From 33-44 we are meant to embody our Krystal Avatar Matrix, spheres 10-11-12.


From 44-55 we are meant to embody our Rishic/Trinity Matrix Consciousness, spheres 13-14-15. This, is in fact, what a true elder is meant to hold.


We are also given two opportunities to come back into alignment if we happen to stray off our path:

Ages 27-30 and 53-57, commonly referred to as a Saturn return. 

Think of these ages as markers that operate from the base template of cycles for organic evolution.

Even this was never meant to be as intense or destructive as it has been for many, and only became so due to many inversions such as the harvesting & mind control networks from the Saturnian Matrix and its connections into the moon to further suppress and digress humanity.


Due to what had occurred, not only has the majority of humanity been stuck not being able to grow past the biological & spiritual age of 11, the true embodiment for our Krystal Avatar Consciousness beginning at age 33 was blocked and unable to be accessed. It is only through the reconnection of the 12th Sphere and alignment to the original base 12 template of the Eternal Tree of Life that this embodiment potential is once again made possible. The pieces that were intentionally removed from our memory were to disconnect our access back into our full embodiment. Up until now because these truths were wiped from our memory, we have been looping, reincarnating in the same finite matrix. No longer do we have to keep looping.


Every time we utilize the command, "I AM" we allow ourselves to take on that specific trait or quality.


"I am a Taurus" "I Am a Scorpio" "I am a Gemini" etc. provides consent to take on a specific characteristic. 


In all actuality, this is yet another consciousness trap, as we are not actually any of these things. 


What is true, is that we are a man, or womb-man, a creation of the creator and an emanation of the creator itself, who holds or embodies the template of a Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, etc.


When we begin to claim to be something that we are not, we can take on things that are not meant for us and further lock ourselves in to limiting boxes.


Right now the majority of humanity are roughly 25 days behind the true placement of the sun. When people think we are in Aries, beginning something new, we are actually in the final 13th stage of Pisces, where the final alchemical stage is meant to occur, the stage that again connects us into infinite expansion from the finite. Without this, we just loop again in the same cycle without ever actually ascending past the initial frequency bands.


Even now, many assume Taurus (the second house) is about to begin in the final week of April, when in reality it is between April 20th-22nd that we will be entering into Aries, and beginning the true Galactic New Year Solar Cycle.


It is time for us to remember what has been forgotten, beloved.


Through this journey we will spend time to completely detangle from all distorted zodiac templating and overlays, allowing our DNA and consciousness systems to return back to the original template that restores balance, peace, and harmony to all of our body-mind-consciousness systems.


We will then be re-attuning to the true solar template chosen upon incarnation, and calibrating the interface and alchemical transmissions for all 13 houses that truly make up the entirety of our original organic codex.


Once we come back into harmony and alignment with nature and our true self, is when we can finally begin to discover who we truly are, and the process of graceful transfiguration and transformation can finally begin.


This is a key foundation that allows all of our work to ignite within the body, and begins an initiation that allows us to reclaim our memories, keys, gnosis, wisdom, organic ascension pathway, and the inevitable freedom from the finite system; the return of our eternal life diamond-silicate matrix & full access as a sovereign being to return home to the infinite expansion of the higher god world domains. This beloved, is the Initiation of the Phoenix.


Once we align back to this Solar Alchemical Cycle of organic ascension, all processes and initiations can finally begin to bring us back into alignment with our true-spiritual-biological embodiment. Whether you are at age 11, 22, 33, 44, or 55 you will go through all that is needed to bring you into full alignment. From here, the organic ascension path is restored, and the ability to choose full freedom and ascension is handed back to you, as it was always meant to be.


It has always been a choice beloved; finite or infinite. We will never judge the decisions made for either side; we are simply here to illuminate that of which is true, so our freewill can be authentically applied to the decisions our heart-soul-mind truly desire.


If you are ready to release all that has limited you from eternal life and eternal joy beloved, join us. It is time to reclaim your life; it is time to move through the spiritual ladder of the Galactic Zodiac so you can return home.